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Ben Taylor
Lead Guitar & Vocals

A Michigan transplant, Ben has called Chicago home since 2005, and has no plans to leave, despite the winter weather and the daily commute’s best efforts to change his mind.  By day, he is a CPA at a downtown management consulting firm.  By night, he’s a get-down rocker that just wants to help folks enjoy a fun night out with some great music.  Though some have pointed out the striking dichotomy between his two passions of music and accounting, Ben says they are really quite similar in one important regard: “You’ve got to know how to count.”


Most recently, Ben played guitar for a band called Second Floor Exit.  Industrial Drive’s eclectic variety of songs are no barrier for Ben; his interests and style run the gamut from roots-rock, like Petty, Mellencamp and Seger, to full-on Metallica and Nine Inch Nails aural assaults.  He’s equally at home with 80s hits, 90s grunge, 70s classic rock, and the more modern selections.

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