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Russ Plocicki
Bass & Vocals

A product of the 80s, Russ was hooked on the idea of bass guitar when he was a kid and first heard Epic by Faith No More on MTV.  That song absolutely slaps your face off, and may even cure ailments.  It got him hooked on Billy Gould for years, and his other musical interests include a lot of classic rock/metal bands like Thin Lizzy, Saxon, Judas Priest, some thrash metal bands like Megadeth, and Slayer.  But Russ' all time favorite artist over the years has been ol' reliable hip hop legend Aesop Rock.


When his not laying down the groove for Industrial Drive, Russ moonlights in a rock band called Soft Lies and a punk band called Gray Ghost.  He also enjoys reading/watching/consuming media about musical gear, especially synthesizers. "I can get lost in a loop for a few hours straight just jamming on a groove box. I love recording and performing music, but there's just something so exciting about synthesizers and groove boxes."


Russ also religiously follows a few different basketball leagues, including the current NBA season (Go Bulls!), and he likes to spend the majority of his free time with his family.

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